Black Bear Don't Care

Michaela Burton
February 28, 2024
Cocaine Bear




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I am still gathering my thoughts from this weekend after watching Cocaine Bear because I can’t tell if I loved it or hated it. While you get exactly what the movie advertised, I was definitely surprised with how sucked into it I was.

Based on true events that took place in 1985 after a 175-pound black bear discovered and ingested a large sum of cocaine, the movie follows several groups of people whose paths cross while having the unlucky pleasure of being targets in its deadly attacks.

While the subplot of the film is pretty dark, the terrible special effects of fake limbs flying and the bear snorting cocaine was too funny not to laugh at. There was so much going on at once and it was unfortunate how many people died amongst the chaos from the adrenaline of the situation rather than the bear itself.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the cast of the film. While it wasn’t packed with many of today's “A-List actors”, there were some very big names, including Ray Liotta, Keri Russell and O’Shea Jackson Jr. who did fantastic jobs in their roles.

While I physically cannot give this higher than a RED THUMB rating, I have to admit I was entertained and glad I saw it. This is definitely the type of movie to put on in the background while cleaning the house or making dinner, but not worthy enough to sit down and give your full attention too.

Overall, I’m happy to have crossed this movie off my long list of ones to see and doubly happy I waited until this was on Peacock so I didn’t waste my money seeing this in theaters. Give it a watch or don’t, you will definitely be able to sleep at night either way.

Michaela Burton was a collegiate gymnast and is an avid movie goer. She is also an avid reader and runs 'Burt's Blog' where she reviews books. You can find her blog here.