Peanut approved

We've always wondered how the other guys purport to put a numerical score on something that is subjective. I'm sure you can think of at least one example of a movie or show you think is a 10/10 but someone else doesn't relate. Peanut Approved doesn't use a numerical rating system to score titles as if they were a math test. Instead, our rating system exists to simply tell you whether something is worth watching or not. Here's how it works...

Red means stop. The thumbs down rating means that the film or series in question isn't worth the time to watch.

Yellow is not to be looked at as a bad rating; a thumbs up is a thumbs up. It's definitely worth your time to watch and see if you like it or not!

Green means go! These shows and films are worth your time and come with either a wider appeal or higher rewatchability factor than a yellow thumbs up.

The highly coveted Golden Thumb... We give these out occasionally for truly exceptional series and films that not only are worth watching more than once, but never lose their luster.

Anyone else sick of critics scorning or uplifting a film when the audience completely disagrees? Our Peanut Gallery score gives you a second opinion on whether something is worth watching or not. Who is The Peanut Gallery? It's you! We want to hear from you on whether you think a film or series was worth your time. Create an account here and start giving out thumbs!